What Does Your Horse Want for the Holidays?

Horse Wearing Santa Hat
This Horse Wants Farm Jenny for Christmas!

Image by 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 from Pixabay

We’re thankful for our customers and all of our friends in the Ag Tech community. This Gift Guide includes huge discounts on Farm Jenny products and a few of our favorite things from our friends at PittMoss. We want you and your horses to have the best holiday season ever. What do you (and your horses) want for the holidays?

How about peace of mind? With Farm Jenny for Horses, you get:

  • Freedom and Peace of Mind with Affordable 24/7 Monitoring
  • Real-time Activity Level Tracking
  • Location Monitoring
  • Monitoring while Trailering or at a Show

Use Coupon Code “CYBER302020” to take 30% of EVERYTHING while Supplies last through 11:59 pm on Mon, November 30, 2020. Click Here to Shop Now! 

How about Fresh Stalls?

PittMoss produces potting soil and animal bedding from organic, recycled paper material. Their revolutionary products are great for your garden beds and pots, as well as your stable and chicken coop. You can purchase their material at www.pittmoss.com and save 5% off ALL of their products with this exclusive offer. Use Code JENNY5 to save!

This bedding is amazing at absorbing odors, especially ammonia! It keeps the stalls smelling fresher between cleanings. And if you happen to have poultry, it’s great for the coop too!
Have a great holiday with your family and four-legged friends and happy shopping!
Tammy & the Farm Jenny Team

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