We want the best for our animals

. . .but they get sick and hurt so easily.

Animals Get Sick or Hurt all the Time

Farming is hard work and livestock get sick or hurt all the time. We lose money, and we sometimes even lose the animals that we love and depend on for our livelihood when they can’t be saved.

We can’t always be with them 24/7. Many farmers have day jobs, other work do around the farm, and we all need to sleep. We want peace of mind when we can’t be there.

Dystocia, which is an abnormal or difficult birth is a very common problem for beef cattle and dairy cows. Approximately 15% of all calving is classified as dystocia. Farmers want to be available for all calving, because they don’t always know which ones will be difficult. 

Many farmers are also worried about potential pandemics like the G4 Swine Flu (new strain of H1N1). 

We want to know:

  • Are they sick? 
  • Has their activity level changed?
  • Is she laying down more or less than usual?
  • Did any of my animals get loose?
  • Is her temperature normal?
  • Does each animal have adequate access to the feed, hay, water or mineral sources? 

Video cameras can help a little, but we need to stay awake to watch them on the camera for signs of trouble. 

We can’t be with our animals 24/7, and we worry about them. 

Sometimes that worry is warranted, as many farmers have lost money on costly veterinary bills for preventable illnesses and injuries and we’ve all lost animals that we couldn’t save. 

We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into these animals and our farms. 

Bus driver holding steering wheel of bus while driving

Early intervention saves lives

. . .but I can’t always be there.

Detecting subtle changes in behavior ...

Today, Farm Jenny can already identify when a cow is getting ready to calve based on location and behavior with our current technology. 

Some of our existing Farm Jenny for Livestock features include:

  • Separation from Herd Alerts
  • Find my Cow
  • Animal ID
  • Cow Behavior Trend Reports
  • Condition Alert (e.g. Calving and Heat)
  • Asset Tracking for Equipment

Farm Jenny offers:

  • Affordable 24/7 Livestock Monitoring
  • No Batteries to Charge
  • Activity Level Tracking
  • Location Monitoring
  • Motion Detection
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • DIY System Installation
  • Travel Monitoring
  • Temperature Tracking & Bluetooth Thermometer Integration
  • Water Bucket Level Monitoring
  • Fence Line Monitoring

Farm Jenny for Livestock provides you with valuable information in the palm of your hand that you can easily share with your veterinarian and other professionals.

And we’re working hard everyday to design and build more features and tools to give you what you need. We’re interested in talking with any farmer who needs something not listed, to see if we can make it happen for you. 

Knowing everything that is normal for your animals, and catching very subtle changes is the key to early intervention. It is these early changes in management and check ins with your veterinarian that can save you money and maybe even save your animals in serious situations. 

But it’s very hard to know all of these things about your animals 24/7, when you can’t be with him all the time. Many of us have day jobs to help pay the  bills, have a family to care for, and we all need to sleep. 

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Farm Jenny works everywhere

We all want our livestock to lead a natural healthy life, which usually means more time turned out in pastures. But it’s even harder to keep tabs on your animals when they are turned out to pasture. It’s impossible to know all of these details about your animals’ behaviors and health when they are turned out. 

That’s why Farm Jenny is designed to work anywhere on your farm, even when your animals are turned out to pasture and you can’t see them from the barn or house.  

We know that most farms don’t have Wi-Fi, especially in their fields. Farm Jenny doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi to get the data from your animals. 


cattle standing in pasture of green grass on sunny day

Our solar powered Field Receivers create a wireless mesh network around the perimeter of your farm. As long as your animals are near any one of these receivers, the system will get the data from their sensor and you’ll get real-time information in the Farm Jenny app on your phone. 

And if you travel with any of your livestock, any smart phone with the Farm Jenny app can act as a receiver to gather and send the data to your phone.

You can check up on your animals from the office, at home or while on vacation. 

Check on your livestock no matter where they are from anywhere!

Farm Jenny for Livestock can help

 . . . with peace of mind when you can’t be there.

Explore Farm Jenny for Livestock Features

Farm Jenny has the answers!

Farm Jenny gathers all of this data and more about your livestock and serves it up to you in the Farm Jenny App on your smart phone. This allows you to notice very subtle changes in behavior so that you can make management changes to help prevent or address problems early. 

Farm Jenny provides first of its kind visibility into your animals’ behaviors, locations, and environment. 

Expand each section below to learn more:

Detecting a sudden decrease in activity could alert you to a health issue.  Prolonged excessive activity at night could indicate predator problems.

Farm Jenny tracks your livestocks’ movements, second-by-second and displays the data in a timeline as well as daily, weekly, and monthly trends.  An optional daily email report summarizes the change in activity for the whole herd.

Most livestock needs 4-7 hours of sleep per day, with at least some of that time spent lying down*.  Farm Jenny allows you to objectively measure sleep time and just restfulness by observing normal sleep patterns and duration.

In the app, sleep is indicated by an activity level at or near zero, and is represented on the dashboard with animal lying down icon.  You can zoom and drag the activity timeline to look back at previous days for comparison.

See the current location of every member of the herd on 3D overview map, and on each animal’s detail screen.

In the pastures, location is determined by a process known as triangulation, based on calculated distance to Field Receivers (grey dots in the picture at right) installed on fence lines. When you leave the farm with your animal, its location system uses the GPS in your phone. For more precision in buildings or other points of interest such as the round hay bale, loafing shed, mineral lick or water trough, simply add our Location Beacons (the blue dots in the picture).  The system automatically figures out which location technology to use at any time.

Sometimes you want to track your animal’s location on the road too.

Farm Jenny’s sensing and location features don’t only work on your home farm, they also work whenever a phone running the Farm Jenny app is in range (typically within 50-100 feet).

Just make sure the driver is using the Farm Jenny app and has “Bray Mobile” turned on under the Settings menu for this feature to work.

When you’re at a show or fair, every Farm Jenny user helps relay your animal’s data to the cloud.  

Its nice to have one place to keep track of all your animals’ stats, particularly at larger farms.  In addition to uploading a photo and entering key biometrics, you can assign animals to herds and assign colors to use on the dashboard and maps.  Combined with our real-time location, this is a great way to confirm everyone is in their correct places and hasn’t wandered off into a neighboring pasture.

Keeping track of your animal’s normal temperature and checking it regularly is one of the best ways to detect problems early and stay ahead of  diseases.

Farm Jenny makes this process easy with a built-in temperature log.  If you use one of our supported Bluetooth thermometers, the process is even easier, the reading is captured automatically by the app as soon as the reading is complete.  You can view and export your temperature journal at any time, for example to send it to your veterinarian or farm manager.

See our detailed instructions for tracking temperatures.

Share your livestock data with anyone on your team that helps to care for your animals. All caretakers, farm managers, herdsmen and even veterinarian can be given access to your data in the Farm Jenny app. You decide. The more that you use it, the more that you’ll realize the benefits of everyone seeing the same information about all of your animals. 

All of our products are designed for easy installation.  Everything you need, except for a power screwdriver, is included in the box.  Our wireless technology requires no configuration — just mount it and turn it on, it’ll handle the rest automatically.

Visit our Support page for more how-to guides.  Our team is standing by if you have any questions.

You’ll automatically get hyper-local weather and barn condition monitoring when you use our Field Receivers and Beacons for location.  Don’t forget to check out our Connected Farm page for additional products for your farm, including water level and electric fence monitoring.

Once you have a livestock monitoring system and plan, there are no additional service charges for farm sensing.

Safe for your Livestock

 . . .  and easy for you to install

How it Works:

Monitor your herd from anywhere on the planet with these 4 parts of the Farm Jenny system. Everything is designed for easy, do-it-yourself installation!


Wearable sensor for your livestock


Mesh network for your pastures


Cellular gateway for your barn (we pay the bill!)


Free app for your phone

Are you a livestock farmer or manager? We'd love to talk with you about how Farm Jenny can help manage your herd or flock.