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We monitor all behavior and activity as subtle changes in behavior are early indicators of future problems. For example, we look at your horse’s normal activity level, rest times, laying down, time spent in the paddock vs stall, activity level while in a stall at the show, and more. We show you any changes in behavior or activity.

Farm Jenny for Horses is currently available for monitoring of all equines and available for purchase now through our website. We’re currently conducting field trials for other livestock species. Please contact us with information about your farm/livestock if you’re interested in trying it out for any other livestock.

Battery power on the Sensors last for months (2-3 months for our horse sensor, 4-6 months for livestock). Our Field Receivers are solar powered and include an internal rechargeable battery which requires no maintenance, typically last at least 4 years, and can be replaced using common hand tools.

We understand. That’s why Farm Jenny offers both a pouch for attaching the sensors to horses when they’re wearing breakaway halters or bridles, AND a patent pending Equine Sensor Headband with breakaway at 4 Velcro points; the headband is highly adjustable, much like a fly mask.

Yes, Farm Jenny sends the data from the horse’s wearable sensor to the nearest field receiver, which sends the data to the Gateway and to our cloud storage on the internet. You may then see all of your horse’s data on your smartphone or computer from anywhere.

No, your Farm Jenny system includes its own mesh network, which sends the data to the Gateway. The Gateway uses cellular to get all of your data safely to the cloud and the app on your phone. Your subscription includes the cost of cellular service.

We work with all major cell phone carriers and use the latest 4G and 5G LTE technologies for better coverage. If you can use your cell phone somewhere on your farm, our system can work there too.

Yes, Farm Jenny works even when you’re not on your farm. When traveling or at shows, any smart phone with the Farm Jenny app near your horse can transmit the data to the cloud. So when traveling, as long as the driver hauling your horse has the Farm Jenny app installed, the data will be sent to the cloud and you can check on your horse through the app from anywhere. We also provide instructions for taking your Farm Jenny Gateway with you for use at horse shows. That’s what our founders do when taking horses to shows.


Horse and livestock owners can’t be with their animals 24/7. Animals get sick or hurt, often. It’s easy to miss early warning signs. The results of these missed early warnings are increased veterinary costs, loss of productivity or use, and even loss of the animals we love.

You need a Jenny. A jenny is usually the first animal on a farm to alert owners and the other animals to signs of danger such as a predator. Just like the jenny, Farm Jenny will give you early indications of potential problems. Farm Jenny provides horse owners and farmers with freedom and peace of mind with affordable do-it-yourself solutions to monitor animals 24/7 and identify problems early to save animals, reduce veterinary costs and improve productivity. Our internet connected solution provides behavior-tracking wearables for animals, sensors around the farm, and a subscription app that provides alerts based on machine learning.

Not automatically yet (we’re working on it), however, changes in behavior or activity level that you may see in the app could provide early warning signs to help you make informed decisions.

We have over 25 years’ experience in big data, cloud computing, wireless communications and wearable electronics. Over that time, we returned each night to our own small farm to care for our livestock and poultry. We are lifelong equestrians. We know the struggles of small animal operations, especially when you’ve got a day job. We also know how technology will revolutionize the industry.

Operation & Use

Please see How it works for more information.

Most systems include:

  • A wearable sensor for  each animal
  • One Gateway (per farm)
  • Field Receivers around pastures (quantity depends on size of the farm)

See our Horses or Livestock pages for details.

You can add Farm Sensors for even more functionality.

Farm Jenny is quick and easy to install using only a cordless drill/screwdriver. For example, check out the Quick Start Guide for the Farm Jenny for Horses Kit, or see our Support page for other products.

Farm Jenny solutions are all comprised of proven technology that has been tested to be safe giving you freedom and peace of mind.

You access your horse’s data through the Farm Jenny app on any smartphone or connected tablet or computer.

Yes, access to your horse’s data may be shared by you with anyone and you may grant access for anyone to see the data ongoing.

Yes, as the barn owner, you will have full visibility into the entire operation.  You can grant clients access only to their own horse’s data as you see fit. 

Farm Jenny stands behind all our products and services. We want to keep our customers happy. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us immediately. Our standard warranty is one year. Farm Jenny also services everything we sell.

Visit our Support page anytime.  Farm Jenny also offers customer and technical support services, by phone and email on weekdays during the hours of 9:00 am through 5:00 pm Eastern time, with the exclusion of Federal Holidays. Customers may request assistance during Support Hours by calling +1 833-FARM-JEN (327-6536) or any time by emailing We will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to all support requests within one (1) business day.


See our Horses or Livestock pages to configure a system for your farm.

If you have any questions or would like recommendations, please Contact Us.

Our subscription fee includes cellular service for the system, to send the data from your farm to the cloud so that we can provide it to you in the app on your phone. Your subscription also provides ongoing monitoring, machine learning of what is normal for your animals, data storage, support and all of the behind the scenes magic that makes our product work so well.

Yes, we currently offer three sizes of headbands. Small typically fits horses 500-800 lbs., medium fits 800-1100 lbs. and large fits 1100-1600 lbs. The headbands are adjustable at the four Velcro points as well, making them incredibly versatile. For minis and drafts, we recommend our sensor pouch to hold the wearable sensor on any breakaway halter.

Currently, Farm Jenny is available for use anywhere in the US and Canada. We hope to expand to other areas soon. Please contact us if you’re interested in participating in field trials to test products when they become available in other areas.