Connected Farm

Making your life easier

Farms are hard to maintain, and it sometimes seems like everything is trying to break at once. Many of us have day jobs. Most farms don’t have Wi-Fi coverage across the entire property. Home automation products don’t work well in farm environments. You need a hand and Farm Jenny’s Connected Farm products are here to help!

Bucket sensors

Farm Jenny’s Bucket Sensors let you know if any of the buckets around your farm are full or empty. Do you ever wonder if:

  • your kids watered the animals this morning?
  • the farm hands got to every stall?
  • your animals drank their buckets dry because they’re extra thirsty on a hot day? 

Now you never have to wonder. Just check the bucket sensors’ statuses on your Farm Jenny app and you’ll know what’s full, empty or forgotten.

Electric fence monitoring

Electric Fencing can be difficult to maintain, yet you rely on it to keep animals in, predators out, and more. 

COMING SOON!  You can let Farm Jenny monitor your electric fences and check the status of each section of fence in the app. 24/7 monitoring and real-time status in the palm of your hand, even when you’re not on the farm. 

  • Get a reminder if you forget to turn the fence back on.
  • If a tree comes down on top of your electric fence, you’ll know. 
  • If weeds are shorting out a section of fencing, you’ll know (hopefully before your animals notice). 
  • Don’t waste your time worrying that your fence doesn’t have enough voltage in the far field. Let the Farm Jenny Feneline Monitoring help! 
  • It works with any brand of electric fence energizer. 
horses contained by electric fence

Get Started with our Farm Sensing Products

Start with a Farm Sensing Starter Pack

The starter pack includes a Gateway, One (1) Sensor, and 3-months free service.

Add Additional Sensors

Add as many additional sensors as you’d like.  Additional farm sensors at the same location (same Gateway) have no additional monthly service charge.

Buy an Annual Monitoring Plan Now and Save

Save $20 when you pay for a full year.  Your monitoring plan won’t start until the end of the free period included with your starter kit purchase.

Optional: Add Field Receivers for Range

If you are using sensors in a second building or other location more than 100ft (30m) from where you are installing the Gateway, add Field Receivers about every 1000ft to extend your range.