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Horse Wearing Santa Hat

What Does Your Horse Want for the Holidays?

This Horse Wants Farm Jenny for Christmas! Image by ?Merry Christmas ? from Pixabay We’re thankful for our customers and all of our friends in the Ag Tech community. This Gift Guide includes huge discounts on Farm Jenny products and a few of our favorite things from our friends at PittMoss. We want you and your

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Woman Looking at Smart Phone App with Horses in Field Behind Her

How to keep tabs on your horse with technology!

Photo:  Tammy checking out her horses’ data while they graze. by Liv Gude, Guest Author There’s a lot about horse ownership that’s amazing, such as riding and bonding and long romantic rides into the sunset.  And then there’s the “worry factor.”  Is your horse lonely?  Hurt?  Frisky?  Not feeling well?  Having fun with his herd? 

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Electric fence with horses in background

Reliable Electric Fencing for Horses

Horses in Pasture Behind Reliable Electric Fence We hear from many customers who describe their horse as an escape artist. You likely have one of these horses on your farm or have owned one at one time. You know the type of horse that must have multiple latches on his stall door if it’s a

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Horses Walking in Paddock Together with Red First Aid Cross Emblem

Horse First Aid Kits

Horses Will Get Hurt and you need to be prepared with a good First Aid Kit. Farm Jenny exhibited at Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH last month. It was an amazing event! We had a great time talking with customers, learning from experts and of course shopping. Shh, don’t tell Mr. Farm Jenny how much

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