Peace of Mind

You can’t be with your animals 24/7 and wonder . . .

Are they sick or hurt?
Did they get loose?
Is she calving (foaling)?

Farm Jenny has answers.

Caring for animals is tough

. . . even tougher when your responsibilities take you away from the farm.

Animals Get Sick or Hurt

It's easy to miss early signs of illness and injury, especially when you can't be on the farm 24/7, or when your herd is on pasture

Lost Use and Productivity

Loss or injury affects your bottom line, whether your priority is production, breeding, or keeping your horses in training and ready for competition

Animals Get Loose

Neighbors aren't as understanding as they used to be, and you don't have time to be hunting for them

Calving Season is Brutal

Sleepless nights, squinting at camera feeds, and worrying that you'll miss a cow or calf in distress

EARLY Vet Care is Key

Catching problems early can mean the difference between a simple intervention and a major procedure

Heartbreaking Loss

In many cases, you've built a partnership and connection with these animals

You need a jenny ... Farm Jenny

Someone to watch over your horse, herd or flock.

Farm Jenny - Horse and Livestock Monitoring - Farm Automation

Behavior Sensors for Horses and Livestock

Farm-grade, Solar-powered Mesh Network and Sensors

Whole-farm Dashboard on your Smartphone

Let's get you set up!

Tell us about your operation so we can get started.


  • Horse owner
  • Boarding barn operator
  • Small farm owner


  • Rancher, dairy farmer
  • Breeding, genetics
  • Private farms, youth
  • Contract Grazers

Other Farming

  • Poultry
  • Crops
  • Exotics

Outdoor Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Large landowner
  • Systems integrator
  • OEM interested in private label products


We learn about new applications for our product every day.  Tell us more about  yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it . . . this is new.  We’re here to help!

We monitor all behavior and activity as subtle changes in behavior are early indicators of future problems. For example, we look at your horse’s normal activity level, rest times, laying down, time spent in the paddock vs stall, activity level while in a stall at the show, and more. We show you any changes in behavior or activity.

Farm Jenny for Horses is currently available for monitoring of all equines and available for purchase now through our website. We’re currently conducting field trials for other livestock species. Please contact us with information about your farm/livestock if you’re interested in trying it out for any other livestock.

Battery power on the Sensors last for months (2-3 months for our horse sensor, 4-6 months for livestock). Our Field Receivers are solar powered and include an internal rechargeable battery which requires no maintenance, typically last at least 4 years, and can be replaced using common hand tools.

We understand. That’s why Farm Jenny offers both a pouch for attaching the sensors to horses when they’re wearing breakaway halters or bridles, AND a patent pending Equine Sensor Headband with breakaway at 4 Velcro points; the headband is highly adjustable, much like a fly mask.

Yes, Farm Jenny sends the data from the horse’s wearable sensor to the nearest field receiver, which sends the data to the Gateway and to our cloud storage on the internet. You may then see all of your horse’s data on your smartphone or computer from anywhere.

No, your Farm Jenny system includes its own mesh network, which sends the data to the Gateway. The Gateway uses cellular to get all of your data safely to the cloud and the app on your phone. Your subscription includes the cost of cellular service.

We work with all major cell phone carriers and use the latest 4G and 5G LTE technologies for better coverage. If you can use your cell phone somewhere on your farm, our system can work there too.

Yes, Farm Jenny works even when you’re not on your farm. When traveling or at shows, any smart phone with the Farm Jenny app near your horse can transmit the data to the cloud. So when traveling, as long as the driver hauling your horse has the Farm Jenny app installed, the data will be sent to the cloud and you can check on your horse through the app from anywhere. We also provide instructions for taking your Farm Jenny Gateway with you for use at horse shows. That’s what our founders do when taking horses to shows.

About Us

We’re farmers too!

Farm Jenny was started by people that know the struggles of farming first hand; people who have experienced the loss of a cherished animal.  With our backgrounds in technology and data, we set out to make things better.

Farm Jenny provides farmers with freedom and peace of mind with affordable do-it-yourself solutions to monitor farm animals 24/7 and identify problems early, helping farmers to save animals and improve productivity

Are you a livestock farmer or manager? We'd love to talk with you about how Farm Jenny can help manage your herd or flock.

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